About Us

Here at NEMESIS Fitness we understand how important it is to push the boundaries in order to see results. Sure you can just turn up at the gym twice a week and spend half the time on your phone, but that isn't going to get you results!

If your'e serious about seeing change then you need to push yourself. We appreciate the difficulty in staying motivated when you don't see the progress for your self. We have hit these walls to!

When motivation is down there is nothing quite as satisfying as pushing through and bringing yourself back from the brink of failure. Everyone loves an underdog story right?!

This is why we at NEMESIS are passionate about helping you reach your goals! We have been there treading water for the sake of it. Well now is the time! Today is the Day!! let's get together and break this cycle!

Here in the UK body building is a secondary sport, for instance if you go to a sports store, body building equipment and accessories will be hidden in a tiny corner and what little choice they do have you can be sure it's not what you need.

That's why NEMESIS fitness has been created. we aim to provide the motivation, the knowledge, the help and the guidance as well as the necessary gym gear all in one place!

Help us succeed in helping you succeed! Make the Change!!